Starring: Ariel Anderssen, Temptress Kate

Keywords: bastinado, falakka, foot torture, hot wax, foot caning, foot strapping, foot whipping, cane, strap, riding crop, discipline, humiliation, shoes, high heels, foot fetish, electro foot torture, enforced high heeled shoe wearing, bondage, voyeur, nude, business wear

Written & Directed by Ariel Anderssen
Camera work by Hywel, Kate, Steve
Produced by Hywel

Crew: Hywel, Kate, Steve, Ariel

Haunted Elegance Studios

About Bastinado

Shot in 2012, ‘Bastinado’ is a first for fans of foot-torture; a gorgeously shot, first-class quality feature film with extended bastinado sequences woven through a red hot plot-line.

‘Bastinado’ is the story of an innocent young shoe designer (Ariel Anderssen) with an unscrupulous boss who insists she should be harshly punished for a string of customer complaints about painful feet after they’ve worn her designs. But since her boss Miss Dawson (played with tremendous flair by Temptress Kate) has both a foot fetish and a sadistic crush on the naive Miss Anderssen, Ariel’s punishments will be secretly filmed for her viewing pleasure!

During pre-production, the crew invited the opinions of barefoot bondage enthusiasts and bastinado aficionados, then incorporated their ideas into the three main punishment sequences of the film. As a result, the punishments are both intense and creative, with electro-torture, hot wax and padlocked-on shoes being just some of the torments used in addition to traditional caning, cropping and whipping.

Investment in some new and unusual implements played its part too; Ariel had never experienced the large bamboo beater, the stiff leather strap or the double cane before, which added an element of surprise and spontaneity to her reactions. The bastinado is of the type which can only be participated in by enthusiasts - the sequences were long, challenging and extremely painful.

But the hard foot-torture is only part of what makes this film a collector’s item. ‘Bastinado’ is the first ever foot fetish movie to be shot with fully professional, Hollywood quality camera and lighting. And the difference it makes to your viewing experience is massive. Every detail of each soft bare sole, the rising colour in Ariel’s feet as the bastinado intensifies, it’s all crystal clear for you to enjoy.

The film’s beautiful girls, stylishly shot on location with professional camera work will allow you to immerse yourself in the cinematic experience, made by and for people who love sexy feet.We shot from a foot-lovers perspective throughout - you’ll see Miss Dawson slipping her immaculate high heels off and massaging her stocking-clad feet under her desk, Ariel soothing her bruised soles with ice cubes from her freezer, and plenty of sexy foot lotion action.

We’re confident that we’ve produced a foot fetish film that’ll be a classic of the genre with lasting appeal for bastinado lovers worldwide.

This is also our first feature shot in 4K digital cine quality on RED. So we have increased the bit rate and frame size for the download for you- enjoy now in FULL HD!

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