Starring: Ariel Anderssen, Janey, Katy Cee, Temptress Kate

Keywords: slave training, slave auction, collars, shackles, metal bondage, dom/sub

Written, Directed, Produced, Edited: Hywel

Crew: Hywel, Kate, Steve, Ariel

Acquiesce Katy Cee in Metal Bondage

About Slave Auction

This is the story of three slavegirls at Honest Omar's long-established Slave Auction House.


Katy: a bored aristocrat who cannot get her kicks from the party set, goes in search a more satisfying bondage dom/sub experience. She voluntarily comes to the Slave Auction House to sell herself into sexual servitude for a period of five years.


Janey: a wannabe rock star whose YouTube music videos are a very picture of kinky yearning to be taken and made to serve as a submissive slavegirl. Honest Omar's can spot someone with that much need to be dominated a mile off, and the head trainer and owner of the auction house break into her flat and abduct her to begin the life she secretly yearns for.


Ariel: a supposedly well-trained slave owned by the House getting above herself, showing off her prowess at the assigned tasks instead of properly assisting Mistress Kate with training the new arrivals. She neglects her duties, and incurs the wrath of the owner himself!


How much will the girls fetch at auction? What is your opening bid?


Keywords: slave training, consensual bondage, kidnapping, love bondage, metal bondage, steel, collars, shackles, leg irons, rope bondage, nude, performing tasks in bondage, gag training, dominance/submission, dom/sub. 



Hywel says:

I've wanted to make a Slave Auction video for a long time. The idea of a coffle of shackled slave girls, helpless in chains, to be sold off a sex slaves to the highest bidder, being displayed and bid upon is just HOT! It seems like lots of other people think so as well because we've had a huge number of ideas, requests and suggestions for this film too. I can't claim to have incorporated all the great ideas (room for a sequel!) but we hope you'll like what we've done to weave all your suggestions into the film.


But we wanted to wait until we could do it properly. We needed multiple slave girls, we needed an auctioneer (sexily played by Temptress Kate) and we needed a location that looked rich and luxurious enough that you could believe it as the home of an auction house which sold gorgeous girls for millions of pounds.


We finally got the chance to shoot in when we had hired a super location in Norfolk in May 2011. We had a very tight schedule- we knew we had to get all the footage we needed in a single long shooting day. That is a tough thing to do when you are aiming at shooting in the same style as a movie, rather than a website video! The shoot was our first full day production with our new camera, our first trying to use a dolly to get proper cinematic camera movement at least in some shots, a more extensive script than usual, improved sound quality with a boom mic operator, and generally a whole lot of technical stuff to get our heads around in addition to the hard work we needed to put in to get through the extended shooting days. Hats off to everyone involved for putting in great performances and for endless patience too!


As you can tell if you've been following the blog, these more complicated cinematic features also take a lot of editing. We have to try to do a lot of the editing "in camera" by guessing where we might need to cut shots or change angles and shoot the minimum we can- important given the one-day shoot schedule. But that means putting it all together in the edit can be a real creative challenge if you absolutely NEED to have a line of dialogue by you didn't shoot enough cutaways to bridge the gap over a bit of footage you'd prefer not to use because of a shaky camera move or whatever. It's also been a great experience putting it together technically, because the other great innovation has been the advent of Apple's new editing software, Final Cut Pro X, which is really fun and visual to edit with. It would probably have taken another month or two to get ready using the old version!


Anyway, enough of my waffling, go check out the trailer and buy the movie, I'm really proud that we managed to make the girls look something approaching as gorgeous on screen as they do in real life!