Starring: Ariel Anderssen, Janey, Katy Cee

Keywords: Damsels in distress, horror film-style bondage, rope bondage, metal bondage, groping, handcuffs, gags, blindfolds, realistic struggling

Written & Directed by Ariel Anderssen
Edited by Steve
Produced by Hywel

Crew: Hywel, Kate, Steve, Ariel

Haunted Elegance Studios

About Haunted

‘Haunted’ is the story of three school friends, meeting up for their annual holiday. This year, they’ve chosen badly. From the first night in their isolated rental home, they’re menaced by bad dreams in which they’re tied up, alone, and desperate to escape. As their holiday progresses, their dreams take on a terrifying turn when on waking, they find themselves trapped in a house that seems to want to keep them captive.

Rope bondage, handcuffs, gags, blindfolds, groping, and extended realistic struggling sequences aren’t part of Ariel, Katy and Janey’s idea of a good holiday, but ‘Haunted’ is a must-see for fans of damsels-in-distress.

Ariel says: I’d had the idea for ‘Haunted’ in my head for a couple of years before we shot it; I liked the idea of a girl being menaced by her own dreams which got progressively darker and scarier. Then it seemed more interesting to have several girls, who were dreaming of the same thing but didn’t realise until it was too late.

It was fantastic for me to have a chance to make this film properly, rather than squash the idea into a 10 minute video clip. It felt right that the characters should all have time to travel from being a little bit scared of their dreams about being tied up, to being totally terrified, trapped in their nightmares and realising it was too late; their bad dreams had become real.

Katy and Janey were tremendous, in their scenes I think those of us behind the cameras were worried more than once that something had actually gone wrong and that their struggles were real! I can’t really comment on my own performance, other than to say that being groped by a ghost was fantastic...

I hope ‘Haunted’ will appeal to anyone who enjoys seeing genuine, realistic struggling from beautiful girls in a super, horror-movie setting. And I hope that the time and care we took over the bondage scenes will make ‘Haunted’ a worthy addition to the world of bondage filmmaking.