Starring: Scarlot Rose, Ariel Anderssen, Sophia Smith, Hannah Claydon, Temptress Kate

Keywords: slave training, slave auction, collars, shackles, metal bondage, dom/sub, sold into slavery

Written, Directed, Produced, Edited: Hywel

Crew: Hywel, Kate, Steve, Ariel

Acquiesce Katy Cee in Metal Bondage

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About Day in the Life

In these days of credit crunches and world-wide economic downturns, who has the spare money to keep a whole harem of slave-girls?


Honest Omar's auction house hasn't survived for nearly two thousand years without moving with the times. Omar realises that people still want the full "Feudal Lord" experience, but not everyone can afford the private country estate with wall-to-wall slave-girls.


The answer?

Honest Omar's Resorts!

All the benefits of a dedicated team of sex slaves, all to yourself... but without the overheads of paying for it when you aren't even there to enjoy the facilities!


To set up the first resorts, he chooses some of his most experienced slave-girls: busty blonde Hannah Claydon (whose kidnap was a big hit with Restrained Elegance members in the "Chat Room Tease" storyline), Sophia Smith (whose kidnap we have yet to film) and of course house slave Ariel Anderssen, recently returned suitably chastened from her indentured servitude and re-training after the end of "Slave Auction".


To this mix he adds newcomer Scarlot Rose, who has voluntarily signed herself over to be trained in the Auction House.


As the team make preparations for the grand launch of the resorts, questions remain: slave trainer Kate is unconvinced by Scarlot's dedication. Will she be up to the task?


Hywel's note: I've been wanting to shoot a sexy montage of what life might be like if you really could visit a country house with wall-to-wall naked slavegirls. What I was lacking was a good framing storyline to make a narrative out of it, so we could film it.

Then inspiration struck- we could set it in the world of "Slave Auction", as an advert for Honest Omar's resorts where they lay on everything for their guests. We could follow one of the trainee slavegirls through her training as they made the advert- and of course she could be punished when she didn't measure up to the required standards!


We hope you enjoy it!


P.S. don't stop watching when the credits roll, you'll miss a lot!!!