Amelia's Sunday Spanking

Starring: Amelia Jane Rutherford & Hywel Phillips

Keywords: Spanking, caning, domestic discipline, hand spanking, hair brush, strap, belt

Written & Directed by Amelia Jane Rutherford & Hywel Phillips
All the other techie crew stuff by Hywel

About Amelia's Sunday Spanking

I’ve always loved making spanking movies, and in my private life I enjoy domestic discipline (being punished for real things, as opposed to just doing spanking for fun). But up until now, Hywel and I have never filmed a real domestic discipline scenario.

Amelia’s Sunday Spanking records a month’s worth of my weekly discipline sessions. Hywel bought me a diary, in which I was meant to record anything I’d done wrong during the week. And on Sundays, he’d decide on appropriate punishments. What we hadn’t realised was that I do A LOT of things wrong - a fact which had to be reflected in the spankings!

The resulting movie is broken into four episodes, with over-the-knee hand spankings, canings, a 100 stroke strapping and an extremely unwelcome hair brushing! Real punishments, real tears, and a unique insight into a real-life couple’s attempt to establish a structured discipline program at home.